Blackwood Academy of Bluegrass and Old Time Music

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May 17 - Chilly Strings + Clint Dylan O'Grady 

April 19 - Woodward & Rough + Johnny Can't Dance 

March - The Grand Magoozi and Emily Miller & Jesse Milnes (USA) 



November - Blackwood Festival 

August - Ado Barker & Dougal Adams

July - Freedom and Cat & Clint  

 June - Chere Cajun 

 May - Appalachian Heaven

 March - Peter Rowan Bluegrass Trio 

 February - The Whitetop Mountaineers


December - Breaking Up Christmas variety show featuring C.W. Stoneking

 November - Foghorn String Band (USA)

  October - Charlie Walden and Patt Plunkett (USA)

 September - Peter Daffy and Steve Gilchrist 

August - Brunswick Old Time String Orchestra

 July - Jonno and the Daredevils

June - Flying Engine String Band 

May - Ciderhouse String Band 


December - Breaking Up Christmas variety show

November - Sammy Lind, Nadine Landry & Stephanie Coleman (USA)

September - Chilly Strings & Fruit Jar String Band  

August - Jim Green and The Ramshackle Band

June - Tobias Hengeveld, Susie Scurry & Jim Kenyon

May - Corrin Strating Band & The Beenies

April - Kirk Sutphin & Riley Baugus (USA) & Hardrive Bluegrass Band


December - Frank Fairfield (USA) and Flying Engine String Band 

November - Tom Riccio & Joe Thrift  (USA) and  Lauren Lee Williams

October - Fruit Jar & Swamplands

September - Woodward & Rough and Steph Brett

August - Ken Maher & Ciderhouse String Band