March 2015 - The Grand Magoozi and Emily Miller & Jesse Milnes (USA)  

November 2014 - Blackwood Music Festival

 March 2014 - Peter Rowan Trio (USA) 

 February 2014 - Whitetop Mountaineers (USA)

November 2013 - Foghorn String Band (USA)

September 2013: Peter Daffy, Steve Gilchrist & Marie Daffy


November 2012: Nadine Landry and Sammy Lind (USA/Canada)

May 2012: The Beenies and Corrin Strating Band

April 2012: Shape Note singing session, led by the Sacred Harp Singers.

April 2012:  Riley Baugus and Kirk Sutphin (USA) and Hardrive Bluegrass Band

July 2011: Old Time session at Lerdies